Mediation Services

There are times when we find ourselves in situations that require legal mediation services. When a dispute arises over automobile accident liability and damages, commercial or business matters, banking, personal injury, product liability claims, or employment issues, few cases are litigated through trial. Mediation is often the best way to reach satisfactory settlement, while preventing the time and expense required in litigation.

Mediation allows disputing parties to discuss and deliberate their concerns with the help of an experienced and impartial legal professional. Open dialogue mediated by a trained and experienced legal professional can result in the resolution of disputes and equitable settlement that is agreeable to all parties involved. Mediation offers parties the option to negotiate towards settlement privately, as opposed to becoming a matter of public record as would occur if a claim is litigated through trial. Further, mediation provides parties the opportunity to explore alternative settlement arrangements beyond relief that may be available should the matter proceed to trial.

Mediation services are best performed by attorneys with experience in the mediation process and expertise in the applicable law. A specially skilled professional may use varying techniques to help parties maintain an open and empathetic dialogue throughout the duration of mediation, while also helping the parties to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their claims.

If you find yourself in need of mediation services, contact Bell, Orr, Ayers & Moore. We have experienced mediators with decades of expertise in the law. We’re here to assist in resolving your legal matters as professionally and quickly as possible.